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Discover the power of our expertise and the talents of our engineers to help your organization increase the value derived from your data.

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We are proud to count among our customers global leaders who trust us to optimize the management of their data and transform their operations through innovative solutions.

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Data Governance & Catalog

  • Consulting for Data Office organizations and CDOs.
  • Implementation of a data governance strategy.

Data quality

  • Implementation of data quality policies (Organization, Roles, qualification processes).
  • Data profiling.
  • Advice for setting up your data qualification strategy.
  • Implementation of a Data curation strategy.

Master Data Management

  • Implementation of an MDM repository.
  • Master Data Management Solutions Benchmark.
  • Support for the integration of a PIM/MDM platform.

Data architecture and platforms

  • Data Architecture Consulting.
  • Design and implementation of Data platforms (Microsoft Fabric and Virtualization).
  • Maintenance of Data platforms.

Discover the power of Layer-Data's solutions

Guidance on Cultural Adaptation

We help organizations in developing customized change management strategies suited to their target audiences. It includes communication, training, and ideation efforts to ensure smooth and effective change adoption.

Proof Of Concept (POC)

The implementation of a Proof of Concept allows to validate the solution's appropriateness and testing it on a targeted and comprehensive use case.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) / Pilot

Implementing a pilot project enables us to assess the solution's relevance and test it across various existing use cases, paving the way for potential future deployment.

Project support

we support companies throughout the implementation of their chosen solution, providing guidance on resource optimization and helping them avoid common pitfalls.

About Layer Data

We are a consulting firm specialized in data management issues. Founded in 2020, Layer Data supports its clients in various sectors (Banking, Insurance, Defense,...) in the operationalization of their Data Governance in connection with extended Data capabilities.

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Our team grew to 30 professionals in 4 years.


30% annual revenue growth each year.


Layer Data operates in Europe, Africa and the US.

Fostering Innovation via Strategic Tech Partnerships

With our technological and innovative partners, we train and certify our experts so that they can meet the integration needs in complex environments with our convictions.


International technology player offering Data Catalog, Master Data Management and Data Quality solutions.

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Publisher of the integrated BPM, MDM, ESB, and API software platform that unifies Data and Process dimensions.

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International technology player and Pure Player in Data Catalog and Data Quality solutions.

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Data Galaxy

DataGalaxy is the agile 360° DataCatalog where every collaborator can access, view, explore and contribute to data governance.

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The Denodo platform is the leading integration, management, and data delivery platform using a logical approach.

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The leading provider of data management solutions (data catalog, data quality, and MDM platform) that help you scale your organization.

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Quest Software offers cybersecurity, data performance, identity, and modernization solutions to simplify enterprise IT management.

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A major technology player offering Master Data Management solutions (Cloud), known for their service and quality.

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